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10 Million Rials Profit & Loss Calculator

1 Day

10,000,000 Rial

1 Week

10,054,870 Rial

1 Month

10,124,309 Rial

3 Months

11,047,476 Rial

6 Months

9,572,315 Rial

1 Year

9,796,191 Rial


In this section, it is assumed that you have invested part of your assets in the past few days in one of the indexes, assuming you have invested 10 million riyals in half coins or bought $ 1000 in foreign currency. And now, after a period of downtrend and uptrend in the relevant market, do you want to find out if this was a profitable move? For example, 3 months ago you invested 10 million Rials or one million Tomans of your capital to buy half coins (assuming 2 half coins 500,000 Tomans) and today after 3 months, each half coins has reached 540 thousand Tomans. So your ten million rials have been converted into ten million eight hundred thousand rials and you have earned eight hundred thousand rials or eighty thousand rials.

Similarly, different time frames are defined from one day to one year for each indicator, so that you can observe the extent and direction of the changes in your target index, depending on your need or interest. The bottom line is that domestic market indices amount to 10 million rials and global indices $ 1000 as capital base.